Unlock New Levels

Pushing Your Limits in Trading

Exploring New Territories

Imagine you are trying to hold your trades for longer. 20 minutes is the most you’ve managed so far. But you really want to hold trades that are working all day.

What do you do? You start holding trades for 30, 40, maybe 50 minutes. Every time you hold a trade a little longer, that becomes the new high. It’s no longer uncharted territory. You’ve been there before and the number can only get bigger.

Something shifts in your mind once you start entering fresh territory. You might still not be totally comfortable, but you’ve proven it can be done. This is the same for a lot of things in trading. Bigger size positions, holding time, sitting on your hands. Anything!

Today, think about how you could push your limits. What could you do that would move you to fresh territory? Something that, yes will need more work than just doing it once, but just doing something new to you unlocks a door to the next level.

Want to hold trades longer? Start with one trade. Hold it all day, small size. Just enter that fresh territory. Want to increase size? Do it once. A quick trade… fresh territory. It stops you from freezing and doing nothing. Forces you to think differently and grow into the trader you want to be.

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No Limits

Whilst we are talking about pushing limits, let me share this video with you from David Goggins. If you ever wake up with self-doubt, then play this…