Using ChatGPT to Improve Your Trading

Harness the power of the AI revolution.

Alright so AI is big news everywhere.

NVDA is flying

Anything related to AI is getting bought.

Ok cool story, but how can AI help us and our trading?

Enter ChatGPT…

I know I’ve talked about this before, but honestly, I’m super bullish on how AI will impact retail traders.

There’s a window of opportunity now for traders to really leverage on the power of tools like ChatGPT.


Check out my latest podcast episode where I share some of the neat tasks we can do now and where I think the opportunity could be in the future.

Get prepared, I think this will be huge.

Also, here are a few resources to help get started.

How to analyse a chart with ChatGPT

And General Uses for Chat GPT in trading

I’m also producing a comprehensive course on this topic, I’ll add it to the course section on the members’ dashboard once it’s done…