What Would Marcus Say?

Quote from the famous stoic

I came across a quote from the stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius which is:

“If it’s endurable, then endure it. Stop complaining!”

It really got me thinking about the desire to “escape” a job or some kind of life circumstance that many people are in.

Many of us fear how long we 
can manage to get out of bed and go to a job we hate that barely pays enough to retire at the age of 65.

The issue with trying to escape anything as soon as possible is that it will put overwhelming pressure on our trading performance.

There are many traders with jobs or situations that we are trying to escape by achieving financial freedom through trading but we end up just spinning our wheels.

We have years of market experience and a strategy that works, however the desperation to be successful forces our hand, impulsivity keeps us from getting any traction.

What would Marcus say to a trader in this scenario?

Perhaps he would advise us that we get comfortable with the job we wish to quit.

Don’t dream of fleeing it but instead make the effort to find what we can appreciate about it.

It serves the purpose of supporting us and gives us the ability to trade.

By accepting the current circumstances and taking a large amount of pressure off to make money trading, it will be easier to patiently wait for the right setup.

There is no rush and no job we are trying to escape from.

There are many stoic ideas that can help us feel more at ease with not having achieved the huge expectations we had when we set out on this journey.

Discontent can make it incredibly difficult to have any kind of patience, however deploying stoic philosophy to find appreciation and gratitude for what is going well in our lives can help ease that.

Something to ponder…