Why a Standing Desk Could be
Your New Trading Partner

My Experience with Standing Desks

Standing Desks and Trading

Alright, today I’m going off-piste a bit. I want to talk desks… Specifically standing desks. Do I recommend them?

Answer: Yes

Let me tell you about my experience. I’ve been sitting at my trading screens for several decades. I was a total screen junkie in my 20’s, I backed off a bit in my 30’s, and now take the less is more approach to trading and screen time now in my 40’s (early 40’s…)

There’s no doubt that screentime is needed to gain intuition and edge, but also it’s becoming well known that sitting down for hours at a time is not healthy.

Enter the standing desk… It’s pretty much what it says it is, a desk you stand at rather than sit.

Is it any good for trading?

Yes and no.

I find you are more alert and focused. But after a while, it can get uncomfortable and you want to sit down. Lucky for us some genius has invented a desk that has both standing and seating positions. A perfect compromise. You lower it when you feel like sitting and raise it up when you want to stand. 

A good combo I found is starting your trading day off sitting, then standing during the open when you need to be focused and alert. Then back to sitting when you are reviewing and planning out your next move.

Or a similar combination…

This is better for your back health (my back gave me weeks of grief several years ago and you don’t realise how much you take a healthy back for granted until you’re in pain!) And it allows you to adjust your posture based on fatigue levels and the need for focus.

Standing is a really good way of forcing yourself to stay sharp and focused. There’s nowhere to slouch!

So do I recommend a standing deskYes – but get one you can adjust with a button.

Today, think if you would benefit from a standing desk.

Do you suffer from back pain or find yourself slouching during the trading day? It could be something to consider…

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Standing Desk Research

If you want to start some research, here’s a similar one to mine from Amazon.

If you do buy one, make sure you check the sizes and height. Some don’t go that high which means you are stooping. Totally pointless!

Until next time you perfectly postured person!