Why Are We All So Negative?!

Human nature doesn’t always serve us as traders

I think we humans are hard-wired towards negativity.

  • What’s going wrong?
  • What doesn’t work?

Focusing on just the bad and not the good.

On a recent Easyjet flight/torture device, I was reminded of how humans seem to default to the worst-case scenario.

Amplifying all their aches and pains, not appreciating the good.

And as traders, we can fall into this trap too if we are not careful…

Just focusing on the bad things, yet not appreciating the good.

  • Maybe your equity curve is not where you want it to be
  • Perhaps you need to work on that strategy
  • Mindset not as robust as you’d like

But that’s ok…

Because look at the positives, look how far you’ve come.

The trader you are now does not resemble the trader you were at the beginning of your journey.

Have a listen to my latest podcast episode for more context on this weird subject…