Why Giving Up Is Not An Option

Embracing the Slow but Steady Path to Success


Have you ever looked at a cliff edge in amazement at the way the ocean has carved through solid rock? Years of persistent water crashing over the cliff, eroding that rock bit by bit, atom by atom. It takes thousands, if not millions of years to wear away that hard cliff face. If you looked from one week to the next, you wouldn’t see a thing. A year? nope, maybe even nothing visible after a century.

But give it enough time and it’s inevitable.

A crack, a cave, and then eventually a piece breaks off completely standing on its own until that is eventually worn down… It’s the law of nature.

Continued exposure to constant pressure no matter how small will make a big difference given enough time.

“Cool story bro” – but what does that have to do with trading?

Persistent and relentless pressure in one direction gets results.

Constantly working on your craft each day, learning, improving, and growing. Small consistent steps. Often with no visible results.

But the progress is there, we just don’t see it because we are too busy judging progress by looking at each day or each trade.

Step back and look at the trader you were last year and I bet you DO see a difference.

Maybe you aren’t where you want to be just yet, but there’s forward motion, there is a visible change. And just like the ocean and the rock, if you can stay in the game long enough you’ll start to see results. (Hopefully not in a thousand years!)

Today, if things aren’t going your way, think about the inevitable outcome.

Stay in the game long enough, make forward progress, and you’ll hit your goal.

You just need to stay in the game and keep moving forwards.

Keep learning, improving, and growing.

The results might not always be visible in the short term, but the trader you are now is not the trader you will be 12 months from now.

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Getting Knocked Down

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