You Have Control Over Your Thoughts

Controlling Your Thoughts and Observing Their Nature

Your Thoughts

I want to remind you of this:

You control your thoughts.


Only you can decide what you think. Positive or negative. You might look at your performance last month and think “Disappointing” or you could choose to think “Evolving”. The raw number is still the same but you’re framing it differently. One is negative, and one is positive.

The same goes for during the trading day:

Broke a rule?

Thought 1:

“You’re such an idiot, why can’t you stick to a simple plan, no wonder you’re losing money”

Thought 2:

“That is definitely a mistake, but I am trying to reduce mistakes, not be a robot, let’s not allow this slip into more than one error, stay strong, the week is not over because of one mistake”

You get the point.

It’s easier said than done. But I believe that controlling your thoughts and observing their nature is a superpower. Both in trading and in life.

Try it today: What are you thinking? Does it serve the trader you are becoming?

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